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Find your soultribeRené

Find your soultribe

Have you also come to a place in your life where old friendships no longer give you value or even drain you, where your desire for self-development has suddenly surfaced or perhaps strange things have started to happen in your life or you just know that you are destined to do something more with your life?

I imagine that we will meet online for a start, where I would like to facilitate the community via Zoom and set the framework for a lot of exciting things. Perhaps some of the activities eventually manifest themselves in physical meetings and activities...

We naturally come from different backgrounds, but I discovered relatively late in life that I have spiritual abilities, but I had to go through a lot of failure, sadness, boring acquaintances, trauma, PTSD diagnosis and depression - before I learned to take care of myself. After this, my spiritual mentor trained me in clairvoyance and healing, just as I started studying to become a psychotherapist, where I am now a 3rd year student.

I have just stopped at the same company after twenty years of employment and I feel like I have just been released from prison. A wonderful feeling of freedom which has led to self-examination whether I have wasted twenty years of my life or whether it is just another learning in life... I am still searching :)

What's your story - I'd love to hear it?

Soul tribe is a term that refers to a group of people who feel a deep connection and togetherness with each other on a soul level. These people often share similar values, interests, life philosophies and spiritual beliefs, and they support and inspire each other in their personal growth and development.

Finding your soulmate is about finding a group of people who feel like a kindred spirit to you – people who understand you, support you, and with whom you can be authentic and real. It's about building meaningful connections where you feel accepted and loved for the person you are, and where you can share your dreams, goals and life experiences with others who share similar perspectives and values.

Your soul tribe may include friends, colleagues, mentors, spiritual guides, or other people with whom you feel a deep connection on a soul level. It is a supportive and nourishing togetherness where you feel inspired to develop personally and spiritually, and where you can find meaning and purpose in your relationships and society.

The term "soul tribe" originates from spiritual and esoteric thought, where it is considered a deep and meaningful connection between souls united by a common spiritual journey or purpose in life. It's an idea that resonates with many people who seek meaningful connections, acquaintances, friendships, and spiritual understanding in their lives.

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