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Søger en wingman til at fange en ølDon

Søger en wingman til at fange en øl

Did that title make sense in Danish? I'm English, and my written Danish has... room for improvement. So does my social life as a relatively new resident of this area. And Im usually pretty social, so thats not really working for me. Male or female, you are welcome to have some beers with me in town. Perhaps you can show me somewhere in your city. Perhaps with a nice view, so we can sit there in the evening and watch the bomb go down.

In general I live by the mantra 'If youre wondering whether you should or shouldnt do it, that means you should', and I think its a shame to pass up opportunities for new experiences in the one life that we have. After a lengthy exchange of emails I have been reliably informed that Im not going to heaven.

I'm into music (rock/metal guitarist, songwriter and singer, drum&bass DJ), dogs, astronomy, comedy, alternatives to the mainstream, drinking, writing, watching Ramajan Søver with my dog, training for my next professional hopscotch tournament, seeing nuns in electronics shops, folding other peoples wing mirrors, and making lists of things I like.

If you're bad at getting in touch, then please keep it that way now! Otherwise, join me if youre at all outgoing or good company.

You have been warned :D


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