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Hejsa Nabo, come have a look!Bruno

Hejsa Nabo, come have a look!

Hi person of interest!

I'm Bruno and looking for people to hang out, would love to go to the park with good weather and play some music instruments together! maybe learn some new tricks and techniques, since we are always learning something. Right now I'm learning my way around an Octave Mandolin

Also if you are Danish and are interested in learning English/Spanish/Portuguese we could do a languague exchange, since I'm doing my best at learning Dansk

My interests revolve around playing music, enjoying beer or wine, training at the gym, sharing experiences, nice a meaningfull chats, traveling and being outdoor. I´m a really easy going dude and would love to go for a chat.

Also looking to join some organizations so I can make myself usefull for the comunity

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