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Board games and Minature games.

This “bobble” or post will be written in English so the english speaking can be with us as well.

Hello everyone, I’m a shy guy comming out of the dark after some down time, and is out looking for people who is nerds like me and into ether board games or minature games like Warhammer, rpgs and more. As mentioned before I’m a bit shy at first view and is using my love of games as the step out of the skin to meet new people, so if you are into such games like Red dragon Inn or Warhammer wm, hit me up and let’s have a talk and-or chat about nerd stuff. So far I’m only playing with my brother at home, but am up for meeting out in town at board games cafes or stores for a hangout. Usually up for a meet after some chat if health issues is not striking me down.

So if you are a nerd, hit me up.

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