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Feeling Brave & Adventurous? Jessica

Feeling Brave & Adventurous?

Hello Everyone,

🇿🇦 I am a South African living in Aalborg.

🍏 I have a passion for, health, wellness,

💪🏼 Fitness

🌱 Organic living

♻️ Sustainability, and

🙏🏼 Personal development

✏️ Copywriting and storytelling is my passion

🌳 I love nature and

🖼️ Art

😻 I am cat-crazy loving woman! If you own a cat… please can I come visit? Ha ha!

🚙 I love galavanting and exploring new places.

📚 I love reading and sometimes I love quiet spaces… like libraries - Trekanten bibliotek og kulturhus is my absolute favourite!

☕️ I am looking for friends to do café and chat.

🏋️‍♀️ Would you like a gym buddy?

👟 Do you want to do walk and talks?

🇬🇧 You can practice your English…

🇩🇰…and I can practice my Danish.

👭Let’s hang out!

🔥I am high energy.

😂 I love to laugh a lot and have fun!

😊 I love good friendships and connection.

❤️ I love inspiring people to live their best life!

👂I am a great listener and supporter.

🪑Life is too short to sit around.

😜 Come on…

📱 Message me!

P.S. I Do Not Drink Alcohol! 🍺🍷

❤️ I value my wellbeing and want to enjoy a life of health and vitality.

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