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Couple looking for friendsKlara

Couple looking for friends

Hello there,

We’re an international couple from Hungary and we live in Mørke.

We’d like to meet couples, who’d like to do something sometime. For example, going to a beach, chillin’n’grillin, going for a forest trip, having dinner together, having movie nights, playing Broforce, and stuff like these.

Klara (33) is introverted (has Autism and ADHD) but open to discussing plants anytime! She’s a big fan of blues and 90’s rock music. Likes poetry, flowers, nature, horses, flowers and flowers also. Loves concerts. Loves tattoos. Loves gardening.

George (27) is a software engineer, and he’s the lazier one (has ADHD). He likes chillin’n’grillin, and other activities where physical movement is not in the main focus. He loves 2000’s rock and metal music, a big fan of tinkering, cars, plants and nature. Loves dogs. Doggos are very welcomed, always. Likes concerts, as long as the audio is perfect and the singer is in tune. Loves gardening, grows chillies.

Both of us were musicians, we played together years ago.

Some additional keywords: Pirates of the Caribbean, Broforce, Three Days Grace, Avenged Sevenfold, Credence Clearwater Revival, Pizza, Harry Potter, New Zealand, all Nordic countries, collecting seashells next to the seaside.

We have Nila, our Border Collie who loves people more than anything, but very insecure with other dogs, she's afraid of them.

Vi både lærer dansk et par måneder siden, men vi kan taler ikke godt endnu. :P

We’re open to meeting anyone who has similar interests 😁

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