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            🤘💀Chicano Nomad💀🤘TommyJP

🤘💀Chicano Nomad💀🤘

Greetings and Salutations to all😎🍻🤘 my name is Tommy and I'm a Chicano (Mexican American) who's lived in Danmark now for 10plus years (og jeg kan selvfølgelig snak og forstår dansk men er ikke så godt til skriv på dansk 😶) and has more than ever the passion and yearning for learning and experiencing all that this world can offer whether things I've missed out on in the past or experiences I've never even conceived before on my own... What better way than to meet new awesome, intelligent, and outgoing people who aren't afraid to take chances and get the most out of life whilst we are still alive and able to do so 🤘

A few extra details about me, first and foremost I'm a PROUD father of 4 gorgeous daughters, divorced and single (absolute focus on being the greatest man I can be for myself and in turn them🖤🤘)

I'm an artist...ART is my life (music, drawing,painting, writing, etc...) and everlastingly my greatest joy and pleasure is to entertain and bring joy and laughter to the world abroad😁🖤🤘

Of course as a "self proclaimed" artist, I am also an intense and DEEP thinker and listener... But again NOTHING brings me more joy and pleasure than making others smile and laugh😊🖤🤘

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