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Friendships, meaningful connectionsElena

Friendships, meaningful connections

Hi there ☺️,

I've lived in Denmark almost five years now.

I'm hoping to find some people I can click with and hopefully form healthy bonds with.

Soon I will be 36 years old. I have a Swedish boyfriend of over six months now.

I live with a lot of chronic pain, disabling conditions, including Komplex PTSD, which is not always visible in the outside.

Personality wise I'm very gentle and caring, but I can also get quite excitable too.

I'm currently in search for a job where I can work in a place that will be understanding to my needs, where I can look forward to going and giving it my all.

I'm also hoping for possible friendships, particularly from equally nurturing people, hopefully, though not absolutely essential.

All ages are welcome to show interest, I believe age in itself isn't a potential issue as such. I get along with people of so many age groups.

It's more about whether you click or not, and personal views you may or may not have from being born in a particular era.

I love retro fashions, swing dancing (Lindy hop in particular), arts and crafts, animals, photography, walks, cooking etc. I like pretty things.

My favourite colours are purples and blues, my boyfriend's equally loves purple, oh happy days.

I love gin and tonic or gin and lemonade....I'm a little bit of a gin appreciator haha. Oops 😬🙊.

I would be grateful for the variety of people that comes my way, I love people of all kinds really.

But I do hope at least some who do, might be nurturing, because I really need that in my life. I missed out on that growing up, not having a family.

So I would like to have a similar such connection ish if possible.

Also I speak English as you can tell, I would love to learn Danish but I haven't been fortunate in doing so...long story....CPTSD, Krises Centers etc involved.

And if that's not enough for you please feel free to ask for more info.



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