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A walk in the neighborhoodPietro

A walk in the neighborhood

It might sound boring but a simple walk in the neighborhood always recharges my mind and body batteries. It is a sort of meditation thing. I can do it alone - in a rainy day like today - or in company, with or without conversation.

I normally walk in my neighborhood, which is Nørrebro, more specifically in the area around Nørrebrohallen. I can happen to have a walk any time of the day or night, regardless the weather.

Despite what you may hear from the news, the area is very safe. Everybody is welcome to join. I have no barriers about culture, nationality, gender, age, political leanings, religion... I swear, I'm genuinely open minded! And we can talk about everything you like, sport, movies, travels, gardening, cuisines, history, art, science, board games, philosophical talks, silly talks, in italian, in danish, in russian.. the language I don't know, it'll be fun trying to learn.

In the area are plenty of cafe, bars, kebab and pizza places, if you happen to have a sudden need.

I'm waiting for your reply : )

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