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New people ?Vickie

New people ?

Hey, this is Vickie 🫣

Living and working full time as a chef 👨‍🍳 so not much time to play around hence on the app 😂Going to be here 🇩🇰 for unlimited time so would love to have some cool friends 😎 too to know and understand the language, culture,danish movie references and in between practice my new learning incorrect phrases(bonus you will get the chance to laugh😂on my 3,13 &30).

Besides all this, I am open to most ideas so hit me up with one if you have ?🫨

I love watching a good movie with some snack and some beers/wine and/or a few cozy hygge 🇩🇰evening will do a great deal to me since I love to listen creative, exploring, experiencing people 👻

Since I love to explore! Travelling to different cities is not an issue if we have a interesting plan 🇩🇰

Age is not a big thing to me so just reach me out if you feel we can plan something together 😊

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