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New women frends ❤️ (Poland)Olga

New women frends ❤️ (Poland)

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Hi :)

I found that I dare to write and try my hand here :)

I left my friends in Poland (I'm from Poland) and other countries, hence I'm looking for new friendly people to spend time together. 😇😇

Home,looking for a job,partner is my current time but I also need feminine energy and I am looking for women only. :)

About me:

In the spring/summer I train road cycling (all the time I dream of competing in the cycling peloton ♡ )

Together with my partner we fish. 🐋🐋

I also plan to return to the gym and to "pole dance", burlesque or start learning Argentine tango.

I am involved in restoring old furniture, but it is going laboriously. 😅

I am thinking about taking a class in ceramics. ❤️

I'm learning macramé, although it's been a long time since I had strings in my hand :)

I dream of learning "knifemaking" professionally.

Besides, I look at every craft with a favorable eye :)

Board games or going out for coffee is also a super option from overactive time :)

I am also writing a book - a photo book based on the reactivation of my passion for photography and word processing/copywriting.

I can also find a ticket to a remote corner of the world in a second and set off with a backpack - I practice active "backpacking" :)

I'm a pastry chef/baker/cook, so cooking together is also a great option!

I'm also planning to learn Danish starting in January, and currently I could use some English tutoring. 📚

My English is at a weak level, but I'm really trying to improve it. :)

Therefore, if you are not embarrassed by silence or typing sometimes on the translator, or you have a good enough "vibe" that we can feel the energy together - I'm ready! :D

I could also use meetings with yoga, music therapy, ecstatic dance <long time ago I trained fire dance> - calming "mindfulness". 🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️

So, if you feel the same way - great! ❤️

Is there anyone here interested in new friendships? :)

I will add that I am 27 years old, if it would be relevant :)

I am looking for people between 25 and 40 :)

(I love children,so I'm also thinking of women with children 😇😇>.

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