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Looking for new friendsHimalayan

Looking for new friends

I am a man from the Himalayan mountains with an upbringing in eastern wellness practices and philosophy of Meditation, Breathwork,Himalayan school of thoughts,

I like to expand my network of beautiful souls who love to talk about deeper aspects of life.

I am good with nature walks as well as chilling out in shared silences. I also love to talk about psychology, philosophy, plant based medicines, and how to brew a perfect cup of chai loaded with herbs and exotic spices :)

Open to pair the deeper conversations with some good wine as well.

If you have a dog or cat, then would be so lovely as I miss my 9 dogs and 7 cats back home. Age, gender, nationality is not a barrier for me. Just write if it vibes with you.

P.S. I have a car, so meeting new friends or trying different activties in and around Copenhagen and a radius of 50 kilometers is not a problem at all :)

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