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Safety group/party people🕵️‍♀️AC

Safety group/party people🕵️‍♀️

Yo, I am a queer malcontent, resident of Ă…lleren for 11 grueling years. I am looking for chill party people to go to places with, possibly have a few drinks and pretty much complain about stuff and make fun of ourselves and each other.

I am soon-to-be 35 years of age, and I cannot BELIEVE there is no safety group of femmes and queers á la “The Waifu House”, here, but’s all pretty new, I guess. :) People gotta adjust.

I speak Danish and English, I am quite adaptable and also rude, probably.

Hit me up, queers and femmes! Please, man, it’s boring af rn.

Apparently necessary UPDATE:

Only serious applicators, please! :)

(this was before I changed it to nb’s responding only, lol)

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