What is Boblberg?

For members

Boblberg.dk is a digital community supported by citizen to citizen communication. It is ordinary citizens from all over the country who use Boblberg to create new relationships based on common interests and experiences.

At Boblberg you can find new communities – or you can create your own. Here you can share your interests or you may even want to explore other people’s interests. It is an informal forum where there is no need to create a perfect image of your life, and no profile photo or text is required. Instead, Boblberg is an online platform where you have a unique opportunity to find others who are in the same situation as you, or who are looking for the same things as you are.

Boblberg is for everyone, it is non-binding and free to use.

Bubbles on Boblberg

A ‘bubble’ on Boblberg is a pictorial expression of a message in which you can write who or what you want to find on the website. It is a message that you create and share on Boblberg. You can also see everyone else’s bubbles, and if there are bubbles that interest you, you can either comment directly on the bubble or write a private message to the person, who created the bubble.

The bubbles celebrate the community, and it is only the imagination and your interests that set the limit for what you can use Boblberg for. Here are some examples of what other people have written about in their bubbles:

  • Walking, running or training partners
  • New friends
  • Some likeminded people to talk to, for example about topics like anxiety and depression
  • Bonus grandparents or bonus grandchildren
  • One last player for the football team
  • Voluntary work or someone to volunteer with
  • People for a food club, knit club or reading club
  • … And much more

There is no maximum for how many bubbles you can create. If you have more interests or are looking for more experiences, you can create bubbles that fit the different subjects.

Cooperation with Danish municipalities

Boblberg is a health-promoting initiative and it is all about user involvement and development of citizens’ health resources.

Boblberg is developed in collaboration with three municipalities, 2,500 citizens from all over Denmark and a large number of organizations. Based on the wishes and needs of the citizens, Boblberg was created to motivate inactive citizens, to prevent loneliness and to ensure the mental and physical health of the citizens.

Today Boblberg cooperates with +40 Danish municipalities and it is being used by more than 311.588 citizens.

If the municipality you live in is not yet a part of Boblberg, you can still register as a member and write on other people’s bubbles. You can also create your own bubble, but it will not be released until your municipality becomes a part of Boblberg. We will send you an e-mail, when your municipality is included as well.

Boblberg is a digital community which assists citizens in creating and maintaining new relationships across 40 municipalities in Denmark

Mission, vision and values


Everyone has the right to be a part of the community. Through a greater focus on communities and people, Boblberg will improve public health.


Through strengthening communities, we want to create health and well-being for everyone.


  • Community
  • Understanding
  • Honesty
  • Safety
  • Respect

Want to know more?

Anders Stæhr

Telefon: +45 22 25 05 20
E-mail: as@boblberg.dk

Anders Stæhr