About Boblberg.dk

Boblberg is an online platform


We help municipalities build stronger local communities and inspire citizens to become more active and engaged. We collaborate with a wide array of local and national organisations and institutions.

Society challenges

Needs of municipalities

Currently on top of the political agenda:

  • Larger citizenship (older age)
  • Fight loneliness
  • Strengthen the physical and mental health
  • Activate inactive citizens
  • Provide a network for self-organizing citizens

Citizen needs and motivation*

  • Social Network with others (58,9%)
  • Opportunity to meet other people (45,2%)
  • New experiences (34,1%)
  • Motion/physical activity (32,5%)

Citizen also have concerns

  • Don’t have anyone to go with (35,0%)
  • Can’t find the offers that match them (24,9%)
  • Find it hard to become part of a new social network (24,1%)
  • Don’t know the local initiatives (19,5%)

* Source - Forebyggelse af ensomhed blandt ældre – Viden og inspiration til handling

Based on interviews of 7000 citizens in Denmark - 2015


Boblberg is a citizen to citizen platform where citizens can meet and share their interests.

Municipalities sign up for a monthly subscription and Boblberg then helps launching the platform and meet the citizens face-to-face in order for them to sign up on the platform and become more social active.

Current status

Currently 22 Municipalities in Denmark is offering the platform for their citizens and +/- 35 new municipalities are currently in dialog or considering a subscription

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Anders Stæhr

Phone: +45 22 25 05 20
E-mail: as@boblberg.dk

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